invisible or empty plugins ?

hi everyone,

i’m having trouble using a few of my 32-bit vsti’s w/64-bit cubase. at least, i think that’s the issue ; they work fine in the 32-bit version of cubase, but not in the 64-bit version, and many of the threads i’ve googled mention that users often have problems w/32-bit plugins running in 64-bit cubase. what happens is the vsti itself doesn’t actually appear, just a ‘blank’ box with nothing in it.

the soundfont player ‘sfz’ is a good example. what happens when i open it in the 64-bit version is what you see here –

the way it should look is like this –

any ideas what’s happening with these plugins, and if there’s any way around it besides using the 32-bit version of cubase ?



Try to click to the black windows. Or try to resize it first. Small screen of the window should appear, and then click on it.

Hi Martin
Thanks for your reply.
When I click inside a plugin window, various things happen. Sometimes nothing. In the case of sfz (the plugin above), the window shrank to a small square, maybe about 1cm x 1cm. Clicking in it again caused cubase to freeze up.


If there is a Trial version of jBridge (sorry, I don’t know), would be worth to try it, I would say.

hi martin,

thanks for the tip ! jbridge solved the problem for some of my plugins. and, yes, there is a trial version. the fully-paid version isn’t all that expensive, either – 15€.