Invisible track sounding. Cubase Artist 11.0.41 Build 448

I have a track that is sounding though it’s not visible on the mixer. The two tracks that contain the audio is not arranged in the region the track is sounding. When i mute the other tracks that the track is sounding i can hear the audio from the track clearly. When i mute every track while soloing a blank track i have in the project, i hear nothing sounding in the aforementioned region. The track that is sounding is not in the region i hear audio coming from. Thanks for the help.

What is your question, actually?
You were describing a situation, and I’m not sure what the problem is.

Hidden tracks can play sound. It’s just a visual thing to hide tracks.
Maybe you need to disable them, and hide them afterward.

How can i locate the track? There are two tracks that have the same audio as the one in the region that’s sounding but the audio waveform is not in the region it’s sounding. And on the mixer for the region the audio is sounding there’s no track visible! How can i make the track visible?

I’m still confused

Can you provide screenshots?

Nope. The track is invisible somehow. The stereo out meter is showing audio activity when i press play in that region. There is no track for the audio being played. But, i have two tracks where the audio “might” be coming from them but the waveform is not in the region where the audio is being played.

The track is hidden both in the work area and the mixer.

I’ll give you an example of what i did.
I have 28 tracks. 25 of the tracks where at the beginning of the song til say… 3:50 and i moved all 25 tracks ahead in time. and moved the 3 tracks from the ending of the song to the beginning of the song.
A screenshot wouldn’t do any good, because there’s nothing to see. The track playing audio in a specific region is not visible. Like i said.

Make it visible!

I don’t know how.

To do so, check what’s in the Visibility/Track panel in the Left zone of the Arrange view, or the Visibility/Channel panel of the MixConsole one. Is the involved track marked as visible in these, or not ?

Thank you cubic13!!!

Under MixConsole in my visibility panel. I needed to move a tracks outs? to the right side of the mixer next to my audio outs, and make the track visible in the projects work area to see the tracks audio waveform and make the track visible. I didnt need it anyway so i deleted it haha.

This is the first time i ever needed to do this. Again! Thank you very much! The wait was a lesson for the future. :smiley: