"Invisible" VST?

I tried using a VST insert called ADPTR MetricAB to sync audio to a flow (instead of using the usual video trick; +1 for proper audio file import please :upside_down_face:). It didn’t work like I wanted it to, so I removed the VST insert.

However, every time I open the project now, it tells gives me an error, saying that MetricAB is unable to locate audio files, and to use the plugin interface to locate the missing files. I’ve seen this error in my DAW before (it just means MetricAB can’t find the referenced audio file); the problem here is that for the life of me, I can’t locate where in Dorico this VST is initiated. Like I said, I thought I removed it from the mixer.

I’ve searched every nook and cranny of the mixer window and Play mode and can’t find any instance of the plug-in. Am I missing something?
CleanShot 2022-10-18 at 11.28.34

Is this with a particular project only or with every of your projects? If the former, could you please share the project file with me? If you don’t want to post it publicly, send it to **u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de **. Thanks

Only this score. Emailed you, thanks for investigating :man_detective:

Could the offending VST still be in the Rack tab (in the left panel )of Play mode?

Thanks for the data. Not loading the project but just looking at the audio engine data, there are two instances of that ADPTR plug-in in your project.
First as an insert effect to the Audio for Video channel and as an insert effect to the first instance of NotePerformer.
So according to the data, it is correct what you are experiencing.

Thanks, @Ulf! That sounds right—I tried using it in two places before removing both instances (to the best of my recollection—it’s also possible that they disappeared on their own upon closing and reopening the project). Regardless, I’m curious how it’s possible that they’re running in the audio engine, even though there’s no way for me to see or access them.

@Derrek—tried looking there as well, no dice.

I don’t know, seems like Dorico has a different view of the world. I will forward your project to Daniel, maybe he or someone from the team has an idea.
What if you insert a different plug-in at those two slots and remove them again? Does that maybe heal it?

I inserted a random plug-in on every slot of the Video and NotePerformer channels (as I couldn’t remember which slot I had put MetriAB on those channels), then removed them all, then closed and reopened the project—and voilà, the error has been banished. Truly was an invisible VST. Curious to see what Daniel finds. Thank you!

Yes, although clearly the audio engine data contained the plug-in data, Daniel says that it vanished from the Dorico data for the mixing window. How this could happen, he does not know, so it must be some bug lurking around.
But at least you could heal the project now by yourself.