Getting mixes ready for yet another album. Not sure why really… :unamused: But anyway, just wondered how this one is sounding out there…?


good song and sounds good on my genelecs, nice separation of instruments and vocal…something I have problems with…cheers, Kevin

Nice separation of instruments mix-wise, as I’ve always said with your productions. Although, the snare seemed a bit too buried at times to me or not bright enough, idk what the right word is. I thought the vocal was just a little bit too quiet, not much though! Good going with the song :slight_smile:

Well done! Sounds great.

i know…your good at what you do and you like doing it :smiley:

Thanks chaps! :slight_smile: Might add a bit of 5Khz-ish to the snare. As for vocal level… always a debate :confused: My bandmate reckons I always mix vocals way to high in the mix. Seems to be those that prefer vocals more ‘immersed’ but personally I can’t see the point of writing lyrics if no one can hear them! :smiley:

Seems to be about the only rationale that’s valid these days! :slight_smile: After the roaring success of the first CD…ummm let me see… how many did I sell at our album launch gig? Oh yeah, that’s right… ZERO! :laughing:

Lately I’ve been handing out band business cards with QR codes printed on them. Seems to be the 231st century way. However, I doubt anyone will drag out their smartphones and credit cards, scan the code, visit the website and download. So… all that’s left is “we do it for the love of it!” Which is kinda where I started anyway! :smiley:

Mind you… I did get quite a nice early Xmas bonus (royalty cheque) this year as a result of all our live performances. :sunglasses: Roughly equivalent to the profit made IF I’d sold 150 CD’s.

You have a nice sound and it’s a good mix. I think you can lift the refrain a little by bringing out that nice synth sound between the ‘invisible …’ parts, it’s a beautiful sound you have there, don’t hide it, flash it !

Good call. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounding good. This tune just kind of sounds right. A little dated, maybe. But in a good way! Probably the synth part giving me that impression. I agree it could maybe stand a little taller in the mix.