Inviting resources for Scorico launch is almost ready to go live! :partying_face: In preparation for public launch, I’d like to get a number of resources on the site to start populating it. These can be Dorico scores, expression maps, scripts, or any other types of Dorico libraries that would be helpful to the community. Everything needs to be kosher in regards to copyright, please.

These resources will all be made publicly available as a CC BY license. Creators will have the choice to opt-in to receive 50% of any donations given for the materials they submit. [The merits and demerits of various sharing models have been discussed already in another thread, so I’d rather not do that here.]

If you’d like to contribute resources to the upcoming launch, please email me: info (at) scorico (dot) net.

NOTE: Please do not yet send any files. Just email me with a short list of suggested resources you could contribute. I’ll contact you with info on how to submit them.

I need only a limited number of resources to launch, so I may not reply to everyone who offers. If you don’t receive a reply, don’t worry; once the site is live, anyone will be able to submit resources.



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