Invoke VST Instrument Plugin Window from MixConsole channel?

Is this possible from the channel or only the inspector?



Hold down the ‘E’. Don’t click it… Hold the mouseleft -down- until the VSTi opens.

There are several operations that now use this technique (hold down mouse to activate).

And they are all the stupidest ‘improvements’ to Cubase in ages.

Thrul C6 there was a dedicated VSTi (e) button. Clear and unambiguous.


holding “e” to bring Vsti is really annoying :unamused: at least make it open quickly with right mouse click on “e” or better bring as it was before.

Hey Suntower

I’ve seen you around on the UAD forums for years … always a great poster.

Anyway, I think this sums up the whole problem for Steinberg, how do you design a DAW GUI … by committee?

You hate not having a dedicated icon to open a VSTi … for you the new method is stupid, hey fair enough I respect your opinion on this.

But for me personally I love this new feature, the less icons the better for me, I get a new workflow and then the old workflow is forgotten … this feature seems very elegant to me and stupid to you.

What do SB do?

It must be a nightmare for SB, as the old saying goes “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

I feel for them, I feel for those who hate the new stuff … it’s one big compromise and I suppose only sales figures let SB know how they’re truly getting on with end users.

Best tmy

There’s a bypass button that exists on the little “tablets” that can now be double-clicked or right-clicked via the chevron but no simple way to invoke a VST Plugin like an effect in one of the inserts.

I was looking for something in the channel strip to bring up the VST Plugin Window like the 3x piano notes in the inspector.

There is a way to open it instantly. :wink:

How then is this achieved?

I can see track type indicators in Visibility and Zones, but nowhere that allows a single click.

Maybe this should be a feature request…

I assigned a custom keycommand to “Open Device Panel”, to open the control panel (user interface) of a VST instrument.
This keycommand works in the Project Window.
But doesn’t work if i select the channel where the VST instrument is placed and then hit the keycommand.
Would be nice if this works but… i can totally live with keeping the “e” button pressed to show the panel.

However, i am a total Cubase newbie so i am not into “the old way in cubase” :mrgreen:
BTW: For me Cubase 7 just rocks !
Welldone Steinberg, i love you !

Is this “e” button above the infoline in the mixer?

If not I have absolutely no idea how to show a VSTi window other than via the project page.

Edit Buttons in Mixer Channels.jpeg
See attached picture.

I outlined (for example) 3 Mixer Channels, where you can find the E button (Edit button).
Keep it pressed with left mouse button ; within 1 second the VST Control panel appears.

Thanks for that.

So now a short click produces “Channel Settings” with no “e” on that page :confused: :imp:

Maybe it’s time for another feature request! :bulb:

This makes one appreciate the “Open VSTi” button on the CC121 (and the CMC series) even more.

The same hardware button from a MIDI, instrument, automation or output Track opens the VSTi’s panel.


I didn’t see anyone mention the key command “Edit VST Instrument”.

This invokes the VST instrument from the Mixer:

In the Mix console, just above the fader you will see the four small squares with M, S, L and E. If E is short clicked you will get the interface for the EQ, Inserts and Sends (like it used to be). If you however click and HOLD you will invoke the VST instrument and the square changes to yellow and a K.

It’s very simple: don’t make changes just for ‘looks’.

Prioritise change based on -usefulness-.

We can argue all day about ‘good vs. bad looks’, but the real question is: Why change it in the first place? It worked very well as it was.

More importantly: it’s terrible usability. The general GUI rule for usability is: one button; one function. No ambiguity. No having to remember the ‘context’.

SB has limited time/resources. They should spend it best on real improvements; not makeovers.


I don’t believe that is completely true otherwise why would there be additional functions depending on how you click?

The only thing I can say that is annoying is the fact that the same system is not replicated in the project window, but my guess is this will happen.

I will say though, I dig now that channel settings can be shown for different channels regardless of which one (channel) was the opener, it’s great but screen elements in this regard must remain the same size regardless of channel configuration.

Yes, BUT it seems as though you still have an either/or situation. In C6 one could (and I -often- did) have the Channel Edit -and- the VST Editor open simultaneously.

In C7, it seems as though you can -either- have the VST window OR the Channel Editor but not BOTH. alt/click closes one in favour of the other.

Which sucks.

With separate buttons, I could have both these open at the same time.