Invoking User prefs once a project is open? Cubase 11

Sometimes there are gremlins which force me to ignore prefs when opening Cubase - or else it will crash.
But does someone know how to open those user prefs up (all of them at once preferably) once the project is successfully open?
The alternative is to save - close - then open with prefs and hope for the best - (which will take the best part of 10 minutes or longer with an orchestral project.)

depends on the preferences…you can save some of the preferences (the menu item one) as a named preference file. So you can open that and load those…but bypassing preferences on startup bypasses more than just those (I think!)

What preference are you want to ‘reload’ ? and why not try to fix the crashing issue ?

I do have a prefs file saved - things like Mackie controllers and so on I don’t think are included though.
Fix the crashing issue? Mmmm - in this case … months of supports tickets forum posts and a rebuilt machine with new OS etc… that would be very nice, but I’m not expecting miracles.
But nearly every time Cubase crashes during opening a project (which doesn’t produce a crash log) starting afresh with prefs gets it going again.

windows 10 ?

there are ways to generate a dmp file even if one is automatically generated.
look in the windows event log - application log…what does it say there ?