Involuntary track selection/screen jumping after operation [CAUSE DETERMINED: Console 1 integration]

Ok, I have researched this before. The general consensus is track selection involuntarily jumping around when creating new tracks is caused by “tracks that are named the same confuse the midi controller”…
Well, I didn’t have any midi controller connected and I never name my tracks the same thing, yet the track selection always jumps around when I create a new track (after a certain point - and therefore it’s a nightmare because by that point I have several tracks and it only gets bigger)…

Does anyone out there know how to fix this very workflow deliberating problem?



Sorry I can’t imagine whats going on on your side. Could you please write a step-by-ste repro or make a video?

How do you Add a track (there are several ways)? What exactly is jumping?

If you add a track in Cubase, any track, the expected behavior is that new track you’ve just added will be the one selected. This allows you to start working on the new track immediately, change settings belonging to it, add inserts, go to the channel editor etc., and have the ‘select track’ cursor be where it’s expected to be.

In my case, after a project gets large enough (tracks-wise,but still a random number), adding a new track results in Cubase highlighting a different track (after completing the operation). So, in a project with many tracks, the main project area screen “jumps” selection to this other track at random, and I’m forced to search for the actual new track that I added.

This occurs consistently forever in the project after it has started to occur the first time (for each new track added).

Your eyes go twisted after a while because 1, the screen jumps to a different vertical view than expected causing you to lose your bearings, and 2, you have to find the track you just added in order to select it.

This is killing me at the moment.

I don’t have Console 1. I will check if my Nektar is sending out something that’s causes this behaviour here.


Could you please attach one of the affected project (just CPR without the audio files and data)? Thanks

do you have Softube Console 1?
usually this issue is related to it

I do have Console 1, and insert it on some tracks but not others.
Do you know more about why it happens due to console 1?

Hi Martin

Thanks for your outreach. I didn’t want to waste your time, so I wanted to confirm first if indeed Console 1 by Softube is the cause… and yes, it is.

Added 10x audio tracks, then selected a middle track and added a new one and it was correctly thereafter the selected track. I then added console 1 plugin to the last audio track, and repeated the process of adding a track in the middle - and the track selection jumped to the track with Console 1 on it.

How do you suggest I move forward - contact Softube? This makes Console 1 / Cubase a very frustrating relationshp.

Alternatively, is there a way in Cubase to, when you add a new track, have it load with a plugin by default?

Ok man, so this is how it is with console 1 Insert it on every track and it will not be happening.
this is happening because console 1 overtakes the track selection. When you create the new track or move one without console 1 on it, selection jumps to the track where Console 1 is loaded.
Email to Softube, report this, they aware of it, but I think more people have to complain and they’ll do something about it.

I think Steinberg could fix it as well, but they are too busy working hard on the new GUI designs for the old plugins, and brainstorming what features they can break for the next update.

Yeah, I think you’re right.

I emailed Softube - so we will see.

I confirmed it is 100% caused by Console 1. I’m glad I know the cause at least. It’s kind of obvious now that I think about it.

Hi guys,

Thank you for the testing and reporting us and Softube.

Same behavior on CB 10
Also sent a massage to Softtube

so glad I have fiound this thread, this has been driving me nuts, I shall also report the fault to Softube

i reported this issue to (and it was confirmed by) SOFTUBE in March 2018! and this is actually the only reason i haven’t yet used my Console 1 (C1), ever.

my repro back then in Cubase 9.5 was:

  • create a new project
  • create 2 audio tracks
  • insert C1 VST3 into “track 2”
  • select “track 1” and duplicate it
  • selection will jump to “track 2”, not “track 1 (D)” as it should

since months went by without this being even investigated by SOFTUBE, i ended up trouble-shooting myself, through which i found out that it’s caused by SOFTUBE’s “deep integration” settings, and only happens when “Use DAW Track Number” in C1’s Setup is activated. Some sync issue with the track IDs between C1 and Cubase, i reckon. If you turn off that option and restart Cubase, the bug should be gone.

in May i sent my findings to SOFTUBE
in July they wrote to me that they’re working on a fix.
in September they wrote:
“We have re-evaluated the severity of this issue, and unfortunately we’ve come to the conclusion that it is a bit trickier to fix than we had initially thought. Even IF we’re able to release a fix at some point, it might be quite some time away.”

hence, the only way this will likely ever be fixed is definitely putting pressure on SOFTUBE!!!
and imho, it would also be good to see some action from STEINBERG here, because afterall this deep integration feature was advertised as a collaboration between them and SOFTUBE!

Yeah, lets try to keep this on the priority list! This is a major stopper for the workflow!

good news! apparently this issue has been resolved with the latest console 1 update (v. 2.4.83). i, at least, couldn’t replicate the bug anymore. thanks to SOFTUBE for finally fixing this!

some “deep integration” bugs remain though (all options in the C1 “setup” are activated, in my case):
1.) when in write-mode, i can automate every single parameter, except for volume and panning. automation lanes can be moved but nothing is written

2.) after heavily automating basically all C1 paramters, the C1 OSD sometimes stops responding and i have to reload the project

a) when selecting multiple (i.e. 2) channels with C1 VST3 plugs inserted, and pressing solo or mute, this only applies to the first of the 2 channels.
b) if then, the order of the channels is inversed in Cubase (1->2, and 2->1), and both channels are selected, then pressing solo/mute will only affect the 2nd channel, not the 1st one, as it should. so there still seems to be some sort of channel ID sync issue between Cubase and C1.

4.) sometimes the mute/solo function doesn’t work anymore, having to de- and re-select channels in Cubase to make it work again.

i’t be great if you guys working with C1 could give some feedback here and also report any bugs to SOFTUBE. if C1 would finally work bug-free in Cubase, it would provide an unabeatable workflow.


I don’t have console 1 But yesterday I noticed something like that when working on a project. I have a X-Touch + Extender. I added a track and it selected the 1st track on the project. I’m going to do some tests later to see if I can figure out how to reproduce it.