iOS 10 Problems (solved with firmware update)


i don´t think it is an apple prob., because the other interfaces i tried (irig HD an focusrite scarlett) has no issues.
I´ve read that some other interfaces out of the UR serie have no prob too. So it seems there is an special prob with the ur22 mk2.
Very disappointed that there is no comment from Steinberg until now.
In many other forums user write about the same probs with UR22mk2. Maybe the mk2 has a not full correct class compliant implantation and it did not come to light in the older IOS. Welcome in the beta-user club. :frowning:

I also have the same problems. I tried replacing all elements in the chain, including a different iPad, to no avail. I assumed the ur22 mk2 was faulty and ordered a replacement… the new one is just as bad.

It would be helpful if Steinberg admitted that there is a problem, even if they don’t yet have a solution.


oops, another problem:
Steinberg License server outage! mmhh…to many inquiry mail to support for the mk2 issue? :wink: :laughing:
Hope they find time to fix it soon.
But it is absolute incomprehensible that Steinberg not consider necessary to inform the user about this issue with IOS10 :unamused:

I ordered the UR22mkII last week and a few hours after placing my order I read about the issues with iOS 10… I have it now and sure enough the problems are there. I’m hoping that Steinberg will inform us soon about some fix, otherwise I can still send it back. I bought it especially because of the compatibility with both Mac/PC and iOS devices so it’s basically 50% useless for me right now.

Adding to my previous post:

Tested input on iOS 9, and it is fine.
Switched to powering the UR22MKII directly, rather than over the USB 3 CCK, no change. I was able to move the USB to my PC, and record fine, iPad was still skipping on output and garbled input.

Input almost sounds like it is constantly clipping, but based on the waveforms, output volume, same sound across multiple sound levels, and not clipping per the light I do not that is the issue.

We have released a news for our website. This issue is confirmed for the UR22MKII and the UR12:

We will keep you updated once more info is available! Sorry for this inconvenience!

Thanks for confirming that there is a problem with ios10 and the UR22 MkII and UR12 models.

You said you would keep us informed when more information is available. Even if the situation is uncertain, would you mind giving us an update now, and include an estimate of when the problem may be fixed? I ask because I have imminent recording commitments and need to decide whether to buy an alternative iPad/audio interface.

I’d also like to suggest that you add a note to the relevant Steinberg website product pages that there is a problem and that the models are currently not usable with an up to date ipad. I see that the Steinberg online shop has no warning at all that the product is not working properly.



the bug is known since Sep. 16.09. Explanatory information very late don´t know why, maybe fear of a bad promo ?
Until now no fix. :frowning:
My decision is fallen, i changed it for a focusrite.
Shame on Yamaha, but is was although a fault of Steinberg not to test all own devices ( only 7 interfaces for a quick test).
I would never updated if i not read that Cubasis2.0 was full IOS10 ready. My fault that i assume that they testet it with their own devices.

It’s in first place the fault of the user to not wait until his hardware is confirmed to work with the new OS. But in the end it’s always the same. People can’t wait and if something is not working, they need someone to blame. It’s no surprise to me that Apple will never be blamed, because they simply don’t care and people still love them. The different nvidia SATA chipsets Apple used between 2009 and 2010 never completely worked since release. They know this problems very well but till now never released a fix.

Mr. thorgal,

please do not give an advice if you don´t understand whats up. Steinberg didn´t give any confirmation if hardware is ready for different IOS versions wether in past or just now. They did it for OS like Win or OSX but for for IOS. Do you see any positive confirmation for the other UR-Serie which are working with IOS10 flawless?
So do not blame me and other user. A friend of mine has updated before and he own an UR44 and it worked, so i thought it is safe.
In this case it seems it is not Apple (because you see only MK2 and Ur12 is affected) who makes the fault.
Steinberg has no need for a protector! :unamused:

LOL so you’re saying that the burden is on the end-user to scour the internet for confirmation that every single one of their applications and devices work perfectly with every new update that is released before they install it? That sounds like fun.

I’m not interested in blaming anyone. Maybe Apple introduced a bug in iOS10, or maybe Steinberg’s implementation is faulty. If only the Steinberg interface has this issue and other USB audio devices don’t, then that suggests the latter could be the case. Who knows. Or of course we can blame the end-user. :unamused: I’ll wait a little while before Purchasing an alternative audio interface. Would be a shame as I really like the UR22 MK2.

Sorry for the silence! I have received a confirmation that a firmware update is currently being developed and we plan to release the update mid of October for both UR12 and UR22mkII devices.

Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear that the problem can be solved by a firmware release, particularly since I failed to identify any equipment as well suited to my needs as the UR22 mk2. I’m also looking forward to using the equipment with the recently released Cubasis 2.


i hope we can use the mk2 in a few days again without probs.

if you are searching for another interface have a look on the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen.Same feature as the mk2. It cost a few bucks more but you get one additional stereo-out. The scarlet preamps sound fine.

Fantastic news, thank you team Steinberg! :slight_smile:

I too had audio problems with the UR22mkii connected to my iPadPro with iOS10. I figured I would just wait for Steinberg to fix the problem. In the meantime, I was playing around with throwing my iPad screen up to my Apple TV with AirPlay. All of a sudden the audio crackles and drops ceased. When I disabled AirPlay I still got proper sound routed through the UR22mkii. I turned off BlueTooth and Wireless, trying to see if I could get the audio problem to return, The audio problem wouldn’t come back. I rebooted the iPad, and the audio problem did indeed come back. Enabled AirPlay again. Made sure AirDrop was off. Turned AirPlay off. Opened my BandHelper app which I have configured to route sound through the UR22mkii and not through the headphone jack. My sound is back to awesome. Well, maybe only until I reboot the iPad or disconnect/reconnect the UR22mkii. The original problem was a crackle or drop every 4 or 5 seconds. I’m thinking the problem is interference from the iPad’s periodic polling of Location services and/or Bluetooth. Why I can temporarily fix the problem is a mystery, but I can now live with and manage the problem until Steinberg gives us a permanent fix.

As someone who has been burned much worse by OS updates in the past (pretty much killed my photography workflow, much more important in my life,) if you have anything resembling a critical workflow, you need to research the compatibility of your tools. It was months before I upgraded to El Capitan, because I was waiting on a few programs to update. It will be the same with Sierra, and as more workflow moves to iOS devices, I will be creating a checklist for both systems to make sure that program vendors support the new OSs.

Of course it would be ideal if every app and all firmware was 100% compatible with new versions, but that is not the case in the real world. Unfortunately, this one burned me in reverse, since I bought the interface after the upgrade, but anyone running critical workflow needs to be very cautious doing OS level upgrades.

All that said, it is quite problematic that Steinberg announced that Cubasis 2.0 is “fully tested and proven iOS 10 compatible” since many people would assume that would include the interfaces.

I just bought a brand new ipad pro, ur22mk and cubasis2, and have the same problem, please give us some new informations when the new firmware will be available?

The firmware updates are now online for both the UR22mkII and the UR12:



Sorry for the downtime and frustration this must have caused!

Thank you!

I installed it this morning, and it appears to be working fine.

Only thing I noticed was that phantom power does not seem to be working if it is powered through the USB 3 CCK, using the iPad charger to power it, which I think was working previously. Switching on phantom power causes the USB light to go out, and the interface just makes a fairly quiet popping sound on the outputs (defiantly to the headphones, meters look like it is going to the DAW as well. Might just be going to the DAW and being played back?) Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if that worked without the secondary power source. It works correctly plugged into a PC without external power.