iOS 11 is it compatible?

iOS 11 has been in beta for a while… Likely to be released soon… Has steinberg or anyone else tested compatibility with cubasis yet?

Hi krevvy,

Since Apple has not announced the availability of the iOS 11 golden master, we’re not able to announce full iOS 11 support for Cubasis.
However, Cubasis testings with current iOS 11 beta versions have not shown any problems so far.


Great thanks!

Apple has announced the release of iOS 11 for Sept 19, 2017.
We will do our best to complete our compatibility checks soon.


Hi, updated my ipad mini4 today, and so far so good with everything. looks to be working fine with cubasis :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking this question. Lars I will wait for your offical word before I upgrade to iOS 11. Thanks.

from my point of view everything is working fine.
all old projects load fine, all the features/functions i use are fine (wifi server/import/conversion/export audio etc)
performance is unaffected… (projects that were using say 75% of cpu before are still using the same amount)
works fine standalone or hooked up with my RME babyface pro, audio recording all fine.

i dont have the extra plugins packs to try though as i dont need them

if you use cubasis as your primary daw then by all means await steinbergs official testing.

Please read here:

I tried ios 11 on an iPad air2, but the performance in Cubasis was noticeably worse. The project I worked on played back fine in ios 10 (cpu around 75-80%), but not in ios 11 (cpu maxed out, playback started to stutter). I reverted the air2 back to 10.3.3 and it’s fine now again.
I used a few regular internal instrument tracks, one iSem track and a Ruismaker track.

Hi Devvy,

Thanks for your message.

Interesting to know would be, if you’ve experienced a performance change using Cubasis by itself on iOS 11.
As stated earlier, please make sure to let the instrument app developers know about the experience.