iOS 11 UR242 failed to connect

As the title says, my iPad and iPhone cannot find the UR242 when running dspMixFx under iOS 11.
Recording although seems to run fine. I did a short test with Multitrack DAW with three tracks.

Will there be an update in the near future? I only found suggestions about waiting with updating the OS until official support for macOS or Windows 10 will be announced, but no informations regarding iOS 11.

Has anyone checked compatibility with iOS 11?

Thanks for your help.

Update and (relatedly good) news!

You can use dspMixFx under iOS 11 under the right conditions.

First - connect the Interface to your device, second - start dspMixFx, third - power on the Interface. The Interface is detected, dspMixFx can be used to change the settings. If you disconnect the device by dropping the cable and reconnect ist, the device will no longer be detected.
You must power off the device again, then power on and it will be detected again. Odd behavior but better than nothing.