iOS 12 Compatibility

Dear all,

Cubasis 2.6 and Cubasis LE 2.6 have been tested and proven compatible with the latest available iOS 12 Golden Master and official release version by Apple

When using instrument and/or effect apps from other vendors that are incompatible with iOS 12, this can lead to Cubasis stability problems or other issues, that are unrelated to Cubasis.

If you encounter issues in that area, we recommend to get in touch with the app manufacturer directly.

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Hi Lars,
5 months later now, I wonder whether you would recommend me updating my iPadPro 10.5“ to iOS 12.1.4 - and regularly when a new version comes out?
Will the latest version of Cubasis work smoothly after minor/major Apple updates?
What is Steinbergs update schedule/support regarding new iOS versions?

Thank you,

Hi Krishi,

Thanks for your message.

In general, Cubasis is optimized and tested for the latest available iOS version to date.
Additionally, sometimes new feature additions require newer iOS versions.
Generally it’s up to you, but I do not see a problem in updating.

New Cubasis updates will be announced once they become available.
Have a look at Apple’s AppStore version history, to get an overview about our recent Cubasis update timings:

Hope that helps.


It seems after iOS 12 the Cubasis is taking more cpu usage on iPad Pro 12.9 third generation .
Some times it seems to freeze sometimes doesn’t follow the touch
Any support ?

Hi Divesh,

Thanks for your message.
So far we did not notice any issues or lags in our testings.

Are you able to provide us with a step description, how to reproduce the issue?
Please make sure to also list third party app instruments and/or effects running, which can lead to issues unrelated to Cubasis in this regard.

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One encounter found
I open GeoShred as au record some notes and then export after importing the same file in my current session
Cubasis freez screen is not following touch
I made a video how can I share with u

Hi Divesh,

Thanks for your message.

If possible, please upload the video to DropBox or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.
Please makes sure to share the info with Wizdom Music as well.