iOS 8 compatibility


we have tested Cubase iC Pro with iOS8 and the only problem we encountered was a compatibility issue with the new iPhone 6 devices.
We are investigating the topic and will keep you updated.


Actually, my iPad2 performs BETTER with iOS 8 than it did with iOS 7. All the glitchy movement of the program has stopped and the operation of the project window is very smooth now. Go figure. :smiley:

Looks like your product was future oriented. And currently iPhones are not able to upgrade to iOS 8 so I will avoid my iPhone for now.

We have recently updated to iOS 8 and at about the same time we started having issues with our connection to Cubase 7.5. It will connect and act ok and then it will drop connection and have to reconnect. This happens about 4 times over about an hour and a half. Is there any correlation with this issue and iOS8?

We are using a mac mini with cubase 7.5.30 and an iPad 4 with iOS 8.0.2 running icPro

I’m running iOS 8.3 on my ipad2 and my iPhone 5S without issue.