iOS Cubasis 3 - Exported MIDI file crashes Cakewalk (Windows)

I can export a MIDI file using the Mixdown feature (iOS Cubasis); however, if I load the .mid file into Cakewalk (Windows), it crashes. I can load it into Ableton (Windows) and it works fine. So, I can use Ableton to “convert” the .mid file into something that doesn’t choke Cakewalk, but that isn’t ideal. Also, the file plays fine in Sweet MIDI (iOS). I’m using Dropbox to transfer the files. Anyone else experience this?

Send MIDI file crashing Cakewalk to their forum.

Hi @spice3d,

Thanks for your message.

Since the MIDI file imports fine with Ableton, the problem might be related to Cakewalk.
Please inform them about the issue, and keep us updated about their feedback.


I’ve reported to Cakewalk support. I should also note that I’ve tried the MIDI file on some other Windows apps. Some work. Some don’t. I suspect it’s a Mac vs Windows EOL carriage return issue, but that’s just a guess.