IOS Performance

I’ve been optimizing my UI for the past few days to try and get it to perform well on iOS. While I’ve made lots of improvements, it’s still not up to standard.

It used to be slow on macOS when I was using VSTGUI 4.3. With 4.9, macOS and Windows performance is excellent, but on iOS it’s still embarrassingly slow.

I do a lot of drawing with CGraphicsPaths and they seem to really bog down the iPad CPU.

I’ve tried caching to CBitmaps, but there’s nothing performance-wise to gain from that…if anything it’s slower.

Is there no way to take advantage of the GPU to speed up rendering without resorting to OpenGL views?


Is it possible to reduce the drawing resolution on Retina displays? If I could drop it in half, that would be a 4x speed improvement.

You can place your often redrawn views into CLayeredViewContainers. This could give you a better result.