IOS updates discussion


Security updates that can still be used on olders devices should still be available Version .xx incremented IOS updates (safari updates etc.)

Apple is clearly, as we all know, abandoning these older devices in the hope that users buy a new device every year if possible. They use the "slow down* trick , do not pass on security fixes that would still work and many other subtle, sneaky and malevolent ways to convince you to abandon the old and upgrade.
(the slow down trick is used with all major OS, Software and CPU manufacturers too btw, so it is not solely an IOS phenomenon) - (head on over to youtube if you haven’t seen the lightbulb conspiracy btw)

And while it is fine that no new features get added to older devices (in major IOS updates for example) , or that newer (audio) apps cannot run in it, the security updates that would still work, are effective against newly discovered exploits and implementable without a rewrite, should still be propagated to said older devices. These new “hotfixes” would not only benefit the the device , but also the environment it is in.
All newly patched exploits and holes are basically disclosed by Apple themselves and “fixed” in X update. So they are basically giving us the information of how to exploit their own devices that cannot run this fix.

See, I am sick of these detrimental business practices against the people by these greedy corporations and think that we should start to hold them accountable for their actions (in reasonable ways.) This is for the benefit of humanity, nature, the earthly resources that belong to us all and our common sense.
A company can boast with being as “green” as they can but if the device gets thrown away every year because it cannot be upgraded - well, some “un-green” products that are still running fine from yesteryear are much better and “greener” for us than the “phoney green - looks good as a sales point” ploy…

It is about time we “just say no” and stop getting “dicked over” 24/7…right?

Totally agree. We are all sheep in the iPen these days.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

thanks for what is probably going to be some good reading material;P

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