IOSONO SAW 2 special offer with the release of Nuendo 5.5

Dear forum members,

with the release of Nuendo 5.5 we’d like to inform you about a special sales action offered by IOSONO:

Surround mixing like you’ve never done before
Save EUR 200 on the IOSONO Spatial Audio Workstation 2 Upmix! and create any surround format from stereo content! With IOSONO’s SAW 2 Upmix! plug-in for Nuendo 5.5, spatial audio mixing has never been easier. It brings a new and exciting approach to the process of handling surround sound sessions.

Top features:
• Enjoy ultra-fast audio positioning in the surround field
• Extremely precise movements of audio events thanks to object-based mixing
• Create any surround format from stereo content
• Keep track of the acoustic scene in its entirety
• Seamless integration into your Nuendo session

The Spatial Audio Workstation 2 Upmix! is the ideal tool for fast and easy creation of immersive surround sound experiences. “We’ve received very positive feedback from audio professionals regarding our spatial sound solutions. With this offer we want to give sound designers and mixers the chance to enjoy the advantages of object based surround mixing without the usual investment you would expect from such an advanced solution.”

For more details, visit the IOSONO website and get the SAW 2 Upmix! at the reduced special price of EUR 369. The offer is valid until October 31, 2011. You may also want to check out the SAW 2 Upmix! with a free 30-day trial version.

The SAW 2 Upmix! supports Windows XP (32/64 bit) and Windows 7 (32/64 bit) along with Nuendo 5 (32 bit, USB-eLicenser required).

This is so well worth buying - I got into IOSONO at the start and v2 is so much better than that was - and I liked the original. What with full support of stereo tracks/groups/objects now, plus the upmix functionality that is a very different way of working compared to Penteo, or Waves 226 or anything else, it’s a top addition to Nuendo.
Highly recommended to anybody who works in surround.

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I thought I had lost weight too!!! :mrgreen:

I saw 32bit only…

Does this mean that it would not work with the various bit bridges?

I’m very curious

Grabbed the demo, doesn’t show up in 64bit.
Any plans 64 bitting this tool?

This needs to have 64-bit support.