Iosono's new UpMix plug

Here a link to a special company with special DAW plugs:
Incredible surround panning with full control over position and motion of all audio tracks in a single window and Upmix plug . Integrates seamlessly into N5 . Try free demo…
Good to see that they can do more then inventing MP3.

Another gadget: Rendering of max. 64 simultaneous surround sound objects for 128 speaker outputs:

I’ve been following this plugin for a year now since I saw it on the Steiny stall at AES London 2010.
Then it was mono only, and did not have the upmix algo.
With v2, it now accepts stereo tracks as well as the upmix functionality (I suppose that’s a given though).

I really, really like this panner. The Upmixing works beautifully too - although discrete surround is always preferable it is not always possible to manage when tapes are missing - and sounds very natural indeed.

I love this tool…

I bought the first version of this tool and have used it more after the release of a Nuendo 5 version.
However, the lack of stereo track handling has set me back sometimes. I hope they will offer me some nice (or free?) upgrade to this new version.

A very exciting tool indeed!


No free upgrade at all - this is a totally new version with new features too, but there is an upgrade path.
Try the v2 demo.
plus of course you need v2 for N5, as v1 is N4 only.

Hello Neil,

No, the last version of V1 (1.51) was targeted to N5 only so that is no reason for me to upgrade. And, I was told there is not any upgrade path from version 1-2, but if I paid in advance they could give me a small rebate…

Well, it’s a great product and well worth it I’m sure, but I’ll probably buy a completely new license since they could only give me 35 euro rebate. Then I have two, not sure if I need it though, but anyway


Hey Ola - sorry about that, I completely forgot about version 1.51 for N5.
Don’t know how I did but I did.