iPad 1.1 dynamic bug

Here is a bug I think I ran across:

I am doing a drum set part for a tune. The drum set part has many repeated parts. I have the part written out once, then the 1 bar repeat (%). The 2 bars need to crescendo from p to f (p<f). When I add the dynamic, it only places it under the 1 bar repeat sign (%).



I hope the pictures make it clear enough.


Thanks for reporting this. The behaviour in Dorico for iPad (and also in our current development builds) is arguably an improvement on the behaviour in Dorico 3.5, where you get two sets of dynamics, one for the bar of notes and another for the bar repeat. This only affects percussion kits and arises because of the complications of how voices work in percussion kits. I’ve made a note of this, but it’s unlikely to be something we can quickly fix. For the time being, you should find that you can quickly select the p dynamic and nudge it back using Alt+left. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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No worries at all. I did the dragging thing to correct it. Juts wanted to pass along the issue.

And honestly, I don’t think I have run into this in version 3.5.