iPad 2.2: Edit in place

Great update as always!

Small note FWIW, my recent projects was blank on startup. No biggie at all and probably expected.

This is a powerful system, I’m envisioning the benefit of seamless handoff between devices. For example, working on a score on desktop, walking off to the piano with the iPad, using the iPad for CC editing (using the pencil maybe) and so forth.

Suggestion for the UI implementation of this, I think ideally when the software detects a change with the file from another node, it would present the information in a non-model interface. For example, in Windows Microsoft apps usually present this kind of information in a bar that drops down from the top. This is a really seamless way to manage this kind of thing which I think would allow graceful handoff between apps. Excusing the MS Paint.

Sounds like it is the case, but of course ideally a Windows client using iCloud can participate in this.