Ipad 2 upgrade to ipad air 2 cubasis install

Sorry about stupid question… But i buy new ipad air 2 … Then i download the Cubasis with my appleID without pay again? right? And then …all my projects is possible to transfer with itunes? Sorry for my English.

Yes that’s right-I’ve used iTunes to copy all files over to a new device (I’m a chronic device upgrader!)-but what I’ve found to be even better is a programme called iMazing-which is a file transfer program for PC and Mac-it can connect both devices at once and quickly move all the cubasis files from old iPad to new iPad Air 2-it’s a lot quicker than iTunes and the basic version is free-I always open each file on the new device to double check that it copied properly and also back up onto a usb drive-I’ve got an iPad air 2 recently -you will notice a big difference in performance! Good luck

Just to reassure you I’ve redownloaded Cubasis quite a few times and never been charged again.