iPad: add "SAB+piano" to templates?

SAB with piano would be a great 4-player addition to the templates in iPad. I know the church market would love you for it!

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I very much agree, although I might default to “choir reduction” vs piano just in case you have lyrics there too.

Thanks for the suggestion. As a tenor, I feel victimised by my exclusion, but as a tenor, I also know I’m a rare beast. I’ll make a note of this.


As a tenor, you would be a very welcome sight in my choir LOL.


This shortage of tenors has been going on for quite a few years, any thoughts on why? Will altos be next!?

Not if my choir can help it! It is literally half altos. :roll_eyes:

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Apparently - according to Simon Halsey, and he should know - in Catalonia, they have lots of tenors and more of a bass-shortage. So maybe some kind of exchange would be useful? :wink:

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And we all know there’s Trebles in River City, with a capital T…

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