IPad: Add to/Extend selection shortcuts?

Dorico iPad is highly usable both fumble finger and with keyboard/pad, but when keyboarding I find myself frequently using the selection Add To and Extend buttons manually which is slow, is there a shortcut to toggle these? I didn’t find anything in the documentation, jump bar or the shortcuts settings.


Joking about fumble finger, with all the controls cleverly arranged along the two sides its quick to hold a large iPad and thumb your way along left and right sides.

No, there’s no shortcut for these buttons. (If you could use the conventional selection extending shortcuts of Shift and Command then there would be no need for these buttons in any case.)

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Yeah the difficulty I’m having is copying both notes and extras like flags (System Break), custom barlines and the like all in one go. Don’t have trouble with this on desktop but haven’t found a way yet to do it on iPad without those two buttons.

Why not use the System Track?

I do and it copies everything but the bar lines which is fine, but that’s back at OP because to enable multi selected bars on the system track you have to use the multiselect button. Daniel set me straight on this offline, unlike the desktop you have to use those buttons for certain selection operations, shift-click doesn’t work there.

BTW I’m only asking question (not requesting features!) because at this point Dorico is basically feature complete as far as I’m concerned, all the functionality I need to do my work is in there and I’m a happy camper. These little inquiries are just finer details and observations - just looking at small quality of life kinds of things.

Hello. I know these keys replace Cmd and Shift, and that there’s a limitation to use these as proper shortcuts, IIRC, by the Qt framework. But, until this is fixed (if it ever is), could we have a shortcut option to toggle these keys? I find that it would speed my workflow on the iPad while using the keyboard.