iPad App for composing

I need an app for composing music and lyrics effective on my iPad.
I’m at one of the Norwegian mountains for the weekend, forgot the Nuendo dongle, so iPad is what I have to work on…

Any suggestions?

Nanostudio is real nice.

Good idea to take full advantage of your time at a beautiful place. I hope we get to hear the results. :sunglasses:

Mountains? Shouldn’t you be enjoying the scenery, hiking etc, instead of obsessing on composing for just one weekend?

So true, Steve & Lenny:)
I have to recover from an injury in my foot, so when the others go downhill, the sun is shining from a sky without any clouds, the place looks like a Christmas card… I try to make some hits. :wink:

I’ll check out Nanostudio, Stet :slight_smile:

Thanks for your respond

Aloha Stet

WOW!! +1 for NanoStudio. Nice sounds too.



Music Studio is definitely the coolest DAW that runs on the iPad, although it may be overkill for what you want.