Ipad app for controlling surround panning

Does anyone have a good suggestion for an Ipad app to control the surround panner in Nuendo 7? Perhaps an X/Y pad midi controller that can be assigned to control the V5 surround panner. I was looking at the Cubase iC pro app, but it doesn’t say anything about controlling surround. Anybody have any experience with the “Midi Studio” app which features single and multiple x/y pads?

C’mon Steinberg, add surround panning to IC Pro!!!

Meanwhile I’ve been looking at TouchOSC. It allows you to create custom midi controllers on the Ipad. It also features x/y pads.


The just released Nuendo 7.1 includes a new surround panner. It’s not an iPad app, but could that be of some help to you?

The multipanner in N7.1 is a more extended surroundpanner which also features Atmos now. I’ve been using the V5 surroundpanner that comes with N7.0 for quite a while. But what I want to do is control this panner on an Ipad instead of the mouse. I’ve looked at some apps like TouchOSC in which you can create a custom built midi controller on the Ipad, including x/y pads to control the V5 surroundpanner in N7.