iPad App: No way to Edit Names or Instruments in Percussion Kit

Hi All!

I’ve got a student who got Dorico for iPad. We’re trying to do a drum set part on there, but when editing the percussion kit, the Edit Names and Edit Instruments buttons don’t exist. We’ve rebooted with the same result.

We’re looking for #6 in the graphic from the manual. Nothing in this whole bar is present.

Any tips? Is there something we need to activate first to see it?

I’m pretty sure Edit Instruments is a Pro feature.

For changing names

Do you only mean Pro on a PC, so not iPad?

Yes, Pro on a PC.
There is only one “version” of iPad, which approximates the desktop’s Elements level.

Hmmm—I wonder why this option is in the manual then? The graphic came from the Dorcio for iPad user manual.

Here’s the link where I found it: Edit Percussion Kit dialog

You spoke of Edit Instruments: that is a Pro feature apart from Percussion Kits.
If you want the Edit Names button to light, have you selected an instrument in your kit? IIRC that needs to happen first.

We have definitely tried that. That whole bar [Edit Names…] [Edit Playing Techniques…] [Edit Noteheads…] is literally not there. And nothing changes when I select instruments from the system above.

Yes, I’m sorry for any confusion caused by the Dorico for iPad operation manual, which is not, despite Lillie’s best efforts to keep up with all of our development work, completely up-to-date. If I remember rightly, we had to remove those buttons on iPad because opening multiple nested dialogs at the same time isn’t practical on that platform, but I’m afraid we haven’t yet prioritised coming up with an alternative way to handle these requirements.

Ok. Well, I appreciate the response.