iPad App to complement Cubase with the Lower Zone (an improvement to Cubase IC Pro)

I think it would be a great idea to have an App in iPad (or Android) to complement Cubase, something like “Cubase companion”. Not Cubasis, which is a stand-alone app, but something different.

The app would connect to your Cubase in your PC/Mac and you could use it to modify settings with the touch features. Settings like the ones in the lower zone (Midi editor, mix console, etc) and also to draw CC and automations in selected tracks. In fact, it could mirror the Lower Zone (if an Automation editor is added to the Lower Zone, which would be also a good addition).

Now you can do “similar” things with some MIDI controller apps like Lemur, but this would be a step forward, as it would allow you to control the lower zone directly from the app, as you do in your main PC but with touch features. And with the same Cubase design, to feel like in home.

EDIT: I didn’t know of Cubase IC Pro but… the app doesn’t feature MIDI tools and it lacks some other things. Besides, it appears to be discontinued. And it’s quite expensive for what it does (Cubase already costs most than $ 500, this app could be included in the price).

Have you tried Cubase IC?

I didn’t know of it, but it’s not quite the same. I mean, it’s like a baby version of what I said. It seems useful for recording sessions, but not for editing MIDI and other things that could benefit from the touch features. Besides, I think it’s a bit expensive for what it does and for what Cubase already costs (more than $ 500).

However, if it could work with MIDI and it improved some things that seems to be outdated or incomplete, I would buy it.