IPad - Cubasis and Roli

Good Day,

I have full on ipad the Cubasis - latest version (Nov 2018) and the Roli with Workstation and a lot of bought samplers - instruments,
Although I can see only 10 on the Cubasis and limited instruments, how I can see the rest or is a limitation of how many you can see on Cubasis (iPad)?

Anyone that can help?

Hi Kostashkoh7.

Thanks for your message.

Please provide me with more details, which instruments are unavailable in Cubasis.
Do you mean specific instruments included in the ROLI Noise app, or other third party instrument apps?


If he is talking about the Noise AU plug in, I know that Audio Modeling packs will not show up by design. They only work on the stand alone Noise app with the Roli keyboard.