iPad, Cubasis & SampleTank.

I’m try to use the sample tank voices in my Cubasis mix.
And i get them two apps to swap, and ST plays what on my Cubasis midi track, but when i press record it’s not recording.
Does anyone know how to get the sounds/ records from ST into Cubasis?


Are you Using SampleTank as Inter App Audio? Or with AudioBus?

Well I’ve never used Audiobus, so I’m guessing it ‘Inter App’

Sorry. This was so much easier on the Atari ST!!

So, you created a midi track and selected SampleTank as your instrument? You have some midi? Freeze the track by pressing the snow flake next to the track arm record button. An audio track will appear.
Make sure in setup “unfreeze deletes audio track” is NOT selected.

No need to actually record using this method.

I highly recommend you get AudioBus as many many more apps use this instead of IAA.

Thanks I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

Sadly it will take quite a few takes cuz Steinburg don’t seen to think there’s any need for a vary tempo track.


We do think a tempo track is important and it will be part of an update in the future. We have a long feature request list and of course we would like to have all possible features inside Cubasis. But as we don’t have unlimited resources we have to go step by step prioritising the features and reacting quickly to new technologies (e.g. Audiobus, Inter-App Audio) that we didn’t have on scope. If we would have tried to put all thinkable features inside Cubasis starting from v.1.0 Cubasis would not be released yet and would be still in the making.
The good news is that 1.8 will include automation and this will lay the fundament for the tempo track.