Ipad daws?

I want to use the Ipad for sketching out tunes, no audio required, meaning no wavefiles.
Bassically a midi sequenser with build in synths, drums and FX.
I went to the appstore and got overwhelmed by all the apps.

Now I think it would be great if Steinberg would develop a cutdown version iOS of Cubase with just the midi sequenser, a sort of Halion and GA.

But there isn’t so anyone knows about such a product, would be awesome because I always travel by train and bassically live in three city 's and only one has a studio :slight_smile:
My world would get so much easier if I can work while I am away.

Greetz Dylan.

There are several all-in-one iOS apps that fit the bill. One of my favorites is Nanostudio and if you don’t need audio it’s really quite good and well maintained. The author also keeps up to date Mac and PC versions which you’re free to download and try out.

Check out this thread over at KVR where different packages were discussed.

Thank you Breeze!

I was at Summer Namm and got Studio connect from Griffin http://store.griffintechnology.com/studioconnect-na17132 and use w/Garage Band…Works great They also make a Midi Connect and Audio connect which looked great. A bass player was trying out and said it had 0 latency…