iPad dock with camera kit functionality?

Is there any usable iPad dock of good quality with the following functionality…

  1. Ability to use iPad in landscape mode (Cubasis)
  2. Camera kit integrated (read: one USB port at least) OR ability to connect it while docked

I’m considering getting myself an iPad Air with Cubasis and then some, but I want to find good add ons.

I an not sure about the camera USB dock. But for music check out the ones by Alesis and Berhringer. Pro level I/O and a good stand at a good angle.

I have “blacklisted” Behringer for myself many, many years ago and I already had a look at the Alesis.

My favorite now is the iTrack Dock by Focusrite, because it’s amazing and it has the USB MIDI port on the back which I totally need. And it charges my iPad.