iPad Dorico freezes when using pencil

When using Apple Pencil ipad Dorico freezes. Usually happens when altering things in the properties panel. Only way to unfreeze it is to restart Dorico. This does not happen when using my finger. Any help please?

Welcome to the forum, @crd1904. We’ve had reports of this from one other user, but so far I’ve been unable to reproduce the problem. Can you provide me with a step-by-step recipe to reproduce the problem, e.g. you start a new project, input a note, switch to the Properties panel, and then…?

Hello. Thanks for reply. Ok………an example when this happened was, in simplest form, when i wrote 5 crotchets, highlighted one of them, went into Properties panel, selected Accidental, click on Hide. It then froze. It’s doing this every time for me for some reason. Only with pencil though. Hope that’s sort of clear!

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An update - it seems to only freeze when trying to select something in any of the dropdown boxes in properties. I can select the various options and unselect them until I try the dropdown menu. The menu doesn’t even open with pencil.

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What version of iPadOS are you using, on what model of iPad?

iPad Pro 12.9 (5th Generation) iPadOS 16.3.1

OK, thanks. I’m on the same version of iPadOS, though I’ve got an iPad Air 4th gen. However, I would expect to be able to reproduce the problem, and so far I’ve been unable to. I will try removing my current development build and going back to the App Store version to see if I can reproduce the problem there.

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Thank you. Sorry to cause you trouble!

Yeah I’ve had this happen too, it’s around when you get into the extra controls of the toolkit, like hitting the Trash icon button on setup in the Flow region (going from memory here). Also with popup type dialogs. Working in one widget - e.g. the score seems to be fine, but when you go into the control widgets it can happen. I’ve noticed the toolkit has an intermittent z-order issue, this seemed be related to that possibly.

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I think not using the pencil solves the problem. The pencil prevents the menu or screen to appear.

I think the Pencil Settings can cause issues, too. Like when it’s configured to only draw or to Scribble. Dorico for iPad has features that work fine with the Apple Mouse, but don’t work with the Apple Pencil. I definitely recommend getting an Apple Magic Mouse.