iPad Dorico is a later version?

Not a big item, but when I open an iPad Dorico (iDorico?) file in the desktop version ( on a Mac (11.5.1), I get the “This project was created in a later version of Dorico.” message box. I would prefer to see a message saying it was created in the iPad version or no message at all. I have a feeling this is some stray code from the desktop version noticing that iPad Dorico has a different version number.


Well, technically, it is a later version. There are new Properties, like Accidental scale size.

You can turn off the warning in prefs, if you prefer.

Yes, Dorico for iPad is indeed a later version than Dorico 3.5. It’s a sort of half-way house between Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4. You can safely ignore that warning, and as Ben says you can silence it in preferences if you wish.

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OOoo. I hadn’t spotted this yet.

I noticed there are some new tie thickness properties too. I’m pretty sure this isn’t how this setting is supposed to be used, but you can create some crazy looking ties with it :grin: