iPad Dorico playback very slow

Playback is very slow and octaves lower
Tried rebooting with no benefit

Currently unusable in playing back

Just a thought, but could it have anything to do with the fact that I am playing back over Bluetooth as I am working on the train. MP3 files etc. seem to playback normally that way.

Richard, does your train have a steam engine? Just wondering :wink:

There are no sample rate settings in Dorico for iPadOS, but it sounds to me like it’s somehow managing to play back at the wrong sample rate. If you can quit and restart the app (by swiping up from the bottom of the display and holding for a moment, so you see the app switcher, then swipe up on the Dorico app to quit it altogether, then restart it from the main Launchpad), does that help?

I really wish it were that simple, I.E being a steam train!

I have tried what you suggest, and even rebooted the iPad without any success

Does the problem affect all projects, Richard, or just one? Are you using any third-party Audio Units for playback, or only the built-in sounds?

Daniel, the problem appears to be caused by the Widex Moment hearing aid software I was using. Remove that and it all works fine. My next step will be to re install the Widex software but NOT enable the Bluetooth audio link and see what that does to it all

Very interesting, and perhaps not surprising: I guess the hearing aid probably does use a rather lower sample rate than more conventional audio software, so if Dorico picks up that sample rate it would have the effect you describe.

Yes, interesting and disappointing, especially as these are supposed to be ‘bleeding” edge in their technology; and to be fair they are very effective and as a musician their sound quality in every other application is first rate such that it is easy to forget that I am using them.
Once I have done the test I described earlier I will probably refer the matter to Widex for comment/attention as they claim to be responsive, though I doubt that they will be anywhere near as responsive as you guys are!