iPad - figured bass input, advances

If I input figured bass on my iPad, the input window advances in quarter note steps (either via the floating tool or by hitting the spacebar), regardlessly I have especially changed the meter to 8/8.
At the moment I have to manually tap every note I want to input a figured bass number, invoke the figured bass input tool, input the number, enter, and for the next note start all over again. That’s time consuming…

This depends from the grid duration you’ve set up.
Change it to whatever value you need and it will work just fine.

no it doesn’t.
That’s why I am bringing it up…

I’m sorry, but I tried, and failed, to reproduce your issue.

As with entering chords, you can navigate to the next note with right-arrow. If you’re not using a physical keyboard I guess that is not an option.

If one uses an external keyboard, one can use the iPadOS version of Dorico almost like the desktop version.
It gets interesting once you use it without external keyboard. Some things don’t work at all, others work in a different way. And the developers have thought and invented little special tools to make the experience similar to the desktop version. For example, you have a special button to invoke the Jump Bar, you have special pop up tools to make it possible to input number values, there is an advance tool in the figured bass input mode and so on.
As I mentioned in my opening message, this advance tool is limited yet, and I have not found a way to advance in smaller steps than quarter notes (in my case). I’d like to advance in eighth note steps and yet don’t know how to achieve it. Changing the grid value did not help, changing the C (4/4) meter to 8/8 did not help.

There are two ways of moving forward in the figured bass popover: First, you can move to the next grid duration. On the desktop, that’s done with Right Arrow.

This will move to the next note if that note comes before the next grid duration.

The second way moves to the next beat of the metre – e.g. a half note in 2/2; a quarter note in 4/4; a dotted quarter in 6/8. On the desktop, you do this with Space.

Moving by the metre will depend on how you split the 8/8, e.g. [4+4].

The question is: how do you do Space and right arrow on the iPad with no keyboard.

Thanks Benny,
I know it works well on the desktop.
I need someone, who can confirm and show, how (or wether) it’s done on the iPad.

a) a virtual keyboard pops up, when you enter figured bass input. One can use the space bar to advance.
b) at the same time a little special advance tool pops up. There one can advance by quarter note value only - and by whole bars.