IPad fixes and remaining issues

Congratulations on the latest iPad version, it appears that the iCloud issues are squashed, it’s been reliably working so far. Also - maybe this wasn’t Dorico, but now my MIDI keyboard autoconnects without having to go through the Preferences every time which is great! Otherwise screen finger scrolling has gotten much better, but it still freaks out not infrequently (the screen buzzes when you try to move it), but is mostly usable.

So now it’s a tool that that enhances Dorico ten fold. I want to continue working into the evening but can’t stand being in front of a computer, but the iPad is OK (I can be in my living room and relax) so huge boost and productivity enhancer.

Anyhow I wanted to mention one really oddball issue I’ve been seeing since the beginning I believe, which is funnies with key mapping. I use the Apple keyboard with it and want the same mappings, which just means taking over the numpad for note entry. I map Numpad / and * to decrease/increase the grid resolution. I’ve had the following issues trying to get this to work

  • The shortcut list will disappear in between setting shortcuts (e.g. the ‘decrease grid resolution’ shortcut list magically goes blank - no Meta-[ or whatever anymore, it got deleted)
  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Bear with me, but last night it didn’t work. This morning - opening the same running app (just woke the iPad), hitting those keys worked. Then after about changing the resolution a handful of times it stopped working again, but now seems to be fine.
  • There are other gremlins I’ve seen (and didn’t believe at the time) that I forget now

So there’s some kind of mismatch between desktop and iPad key shortcut mapping that causes all sorts of unusual issues. I don’t have a specific use case but maybe messing around with changing them will show it - I’ve seen this for a long time but held off mentioning as there were bigger issues with the iPad to worry about.

And finally it has been reported there are touch/pencil issues with the latest Qt that you’re well aware of.

But these are relatively minor, I’d say the iPad is ready for prime time, thank you!