iPad for Dorico

At present, I’ve got a 5th Generation iPad Mini, but am seriously thinking of getting a bigger iPad for Dorico. Performance on the Mini is excellent, just the size of the screen in a problem. Is the basic iPad OK, or would it be better to wait for the new iPad Air? I mostly use my MacBook Pro so can’t really justify, or afford, an iPad Pro.

Any advice welcome.

It may depend on your score size. I work with small scores, one or two instruments, up to 5 flows, and it works fine on my regular iPad, 5th generation (A9 processor). Sometimes the response time is a little slow. Yours appears to be the A12 processor which is something like 2.5x faster (Apple A9 vs A12 Bionic: tests and benchmarks)

Maybe someone who works on large scores will comment with better advice.

Dorico runs absolutely fine on the current-generation basic iPad.

Thanks rubberfingers and Daniel. I only write for a few instruments at a time, so the bigger screen size is more important.