IPad: Garbled audio with switching out UR12 to internal

Congratulations on the latest release, while it may be small the improvements to finger movement means it’s highly usable away from a keyboard and desk. Finger scrolling is still unstable, but it appears to be better than before at least. I’m actually thinking about if I can switch full time to working on iPad (except for fancy engraving and such) as the platform is so easy and stable. Biggest miss is the sound library, but for much work that’s fine.

Anyhow I use a Steinberg UR12 with the iPad as its a good mobile friendly interface with flexible power options, when I want a full 88 key. However after a while I get garbled audio, I think I tracked it down to it happening when I remove the interface and switch to internal audio as I take the iPad with me (just pull the USB-C cable). This occurs in both the previous and present release. It takes killing the app and starting from scratch to fix.

FYI - maybe some more initialization is needed after an interface pull with an open project. If you test with an UR12 it might not occur immediately, but after the iPad being asleep for a while, I’m continuing tests to see if I can get a definitive use case.

Yes it repeatably occurs when changing audio interfaces, Dorico has to be killed and restarted to work. On the desktop obviously we can change audio interfaces easily, and unplugging one while being used isn’t common, but since the iPad is a mobile device unplugging and taking it with you is common enough - at least it happens to me a couple times a day.

Special case, if the iPad is removed and not woken up (or maybe Dorico isn’t active), and it is plugged into the interface again then it appears to be fine. It’s the flip-flopping that requires a restart.