iPad (Gen 6 / ios 15.6.1) not recognizing UR44C


Would like to use the UR44C with GarageBand.

The interface was recognized by my Windoze 10 PC and by my android tablet (Samsung Tab 6). However, my iPad (Gen 6, ios 15.6.1) isn’t recognizing the UR44C - blinking USB light on the front panel. I did try a restart of the iPad.

Does the USB C to Lightning connector make a difference? I’m currently using the Best Buy Basics USB C to Lightning cable, as it was a third the price of the Apple product. Does the Apple cable provide wiring connections that the Best Buy might not?

Again, I’m new to this (well, sort of, but it’s been 15 years), so any & all insight welcome.

They’re not all the same, some cables are only for the power connection and don’t allow data transfers.

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Closing the loop - iPad recognized the UR44C when I attached the Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to the iPad, and then ran a USB B to C cable from the adapter to the UR44C.

All good.