iPad hardware key repeat

Just a voice for those of us that use the iPad as a desktop replacement, if hold key repeating cold be enabled for hardware keyboards that would be helpful.

Do your keys repeat in other apps?

In general on iPadOS there’s no key repeat, because it shows the popover for choosing diacritics.

Sorry I should have been more specific, I’m talking about arrow key repeating for navigation which does work elsewhere in the iPad.

Also I shouldn’t say Dorico iPad is a desktop replacement - really it’s a great augmentation for those of us that are on the computer too much all day. It allows me to get some work done in the evening, but not using touch in that use case is a big help.

Indeed you can turn on key repeat in Settings > Accessibility > Keyboards > Key Repeat.

Let us know whether that works for the arrow keys.

Yes that’s already on, arrow key repeat is working in other apps.