iPad - iCloud - .dorico file location

just for clarification/confirmation: if I start a new Dorico project on the iPad (newest version of Dorico for iPad), the file will be automatically saved just to the local storage on the iPad?
Or is there a way in linking this storage to the iCloud storage - so I can access this file on my desktop computer?
(so far I had to export as .dorico project to an iCloud folder).

There’s no way at present to tell Dorico for iPad that a newly-created project should be saved by default in your iCloud Drive or other cloud-enabled folder. This is something we plan to add in future, but it’s not a feature of the software today.

Thank you Daniel,
at the moment I go to the Dorico Folder on the iPad and move the file to an iCloud location. In a way I find this better than keeping two files at different locations.

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What I did when I created a new file on my ipad was “share” and chose the option “save in files” and there I selected my destination folder in iCloud, similar to what you did. At the end I would delete the initial file created on the iPad.

But with the update 2.3 already disappeared the option “save to files” now I have no idea where the files created on the iPad are saved, they are no longer saved in the dorico ipad folder in the files app.

@k_b Would you be so kind to do a test? Create a new file in dorico ipad and see if the file is saved in your “dorico” folder on your iPad? I only get the file in the dorico ipad hub but I can’t find it in any folder.

Yes, I tried a “New Piece”.
In the Dorico Hub the path shows as:
/private/var/mobile/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~steinberg~iosdorico/Documents/New Piece.dorico
I too can’t find the according file through the “Files” App.


Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it, could you help me with one last thing?

Select any dorico file and select export midi file (just select that option and then exit those options) you don’t necessarily need to export it or you can do it and select “save to files” and choose a test location.

Then check the dorico ipad hub and the midi file should appear there, try to delete it from the hub, I can’t the file persists in the hub, and even if I delete it from the place of origin it doesn’t matter, it stays the same in an address that I can’t find in the iPad files app. Apears this location /private/var/mobile/containers/data/application/C08B2E7D-72B7-41CB-B24A-12855F7525BB/tpm/“file name”

I exported a Dorico project as Midi file and then tried to delete it from the hub.
My iPad went up in flames :fire:
[edit] not really, but now I have this file stuck in the hub; which is sad, as I try to keep that place completely empty - unless I am working on a file…

Thank you very much for helping me confirm it now I know I was not going crazy, in another post @dspreadbury daniel commented they are on holidays in UK but as soon as possible they will check the problem.

This problem with those midi and xml files stuck in the hub is from before the 2.3 update, I made a post about it a few weeks ago. Dorico iPad and iCloud - #2 by dspreadbury

I too usually have clean my dorico iPad hub, I am very organized with my files I have everything in iCloud to access from dorico pro desktop and on my iPad, so the way things are it has ruined my workflow.

I am at least able to rename the stuck file…
There might be a possibility by connecting the iPad via USB cable to another computer and from there fire up the terminal to access these well hidden folders…