IPad ICloud folder issue

  • create a folder on iCloud and put a file there in there on desktop
  • iPad go to iCloud tab, which recursively shows all files
  • See your file and tap, getting an error with no info “Error loading file”
  • Tap “Open or import file” and navigate to your file
  • Note that the file hasn’t downloaded from iCloud, tap, it downloads and loads

I assume this is repeatable. FYI

Dorico does request to the OS that the file should be downloaded before it tries to open it, but under some unknown circumstances it doesn’t always actually do it, resulting in Dorico trying to open the file before it has been downloaded. (And it can only request this for iCloud – for other cloud-enabled folders, e.g. Dropbox, you must make sure that the file has been downloaded before you try to open it in Dorico.)