iPad issues

Probably the last thing the team wants to see, but a place to collect issues

iPad Pro, 9" something, older one, screen cuts off along the top, supposed to be this way?

OK getting it elsewhere, I guess it’s meant to be used landscape.


That’s the conclusion I came to. Portrait for reading, Landscape for everything else.

It’s really only meant for landscape use outside of Read mode, unfortunately.

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All the strings sound the same, pretty sure they’re using the same patch which sounds like a cello. Intentional or an issue? Yeah there’s no proper range information either, the violin happily plays C1 (like a distorted bass :slight_smile: )

I have a CME usb keyboard I hooked up via the Apple camera USB dongle. Stopped working after a while, had to unplug to get it to recognize it again. The LED’s indicated the keyboard was still powered and perhaps connected, but Dorico stopped recognizing it. FYI -

when creating new project I selected solo piano and entered title and composer and pressed create but nothing happened.

i had to select an ensemble (solo) and then piano to be able to create project.


time scales not readable when clashing with scale indicator…

Hi Mats,

Turn off signposts - the eye in the top right corner gives you access to View Options and you can select it from there. There are MANY different kinds of signposts, it’s useful to know how to turn them on and off.

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GUI bug in pianoroll view: if you try to change the velocity of a note by dragging its level it plays the instrument sound for about a second for each position you dragged over… which takes some time if you dragged say 100 pixels… ( I assume that it was meant to either play when dragging ended or sound continously while dragging… )

Just a quick feature request - The keyboard at the bottom is awesome, and it’s really great that it is adjustable both in height and in width (by modifying # of keys displayed). The default size is way too small for my fat fingers to be accurate on my 8th gen. It’s great I can adjust it of course, but as far as I can tell there’s no way to save that size as a default, so the sizing is saved with the project rather than a user default. For consistency of use I’m usually going to want the same size whenever that panel is active, so I’d like to request a way to save it as a program default rather than with a project. Thanks for considering!


erasing in pianoroll mode is too complicated. I suggest that there should be a toggle mode: click-drag creates a note. click on left or right ensbles adjusting length, click inside removes it…

I’m unable to set custom key commands - and with the key commands window open pressing different commands edits the score hidden from view. Would be great to be able to import my key commands from the desktop version somehow.

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+1. I’d love to see this too!

playback ”bug”: the ”rewind to beginning” button doesnt work unless I press it after I press play. it starts playing on the first selected note. Since notes are selected when entered this is very often the last note…

Am I correct in thinking there is no engraving options dialog? Not a massive deal as I’ll end up transferring to desktop at some point but just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Not yet (I think), but you can bring a file over that you started in the desktop version and it seems like all the Engraving Options that you’ve previously set are working.

Does anyone use a Bluetooth page turner like iRig BlueTurn, AirTurn PEDpro, or PageFlip Firefly? Can you get it to work with the iPad version? Are there keycommands for turning the page in Read mode that it could easily be programmed to? Just curious if anyone has explored this yet.

Renaming projects has issues. I renamed a project twice (via Project Info) as I changed my mind, and ended up with three projects in the hopper, but was editing only the original one.

Few quirks:

  1. You can’t peruse the key commands pages without the keyboard popping up every time you select a category (click on the little arrow heads to expand the list). I’d expect it only to engage if I actually clicked on the box to type in a key command.

  2. Many buttons in settings require two clicks for some reason.

  3. I cannot scroll through the list of font family options. Using my finger won’t scroll, and pressing the little arrow zooms all the way to the bottom or to the top. Academico it is… lol.

  4. The “accidental cancellations” images in layout options appear to be low resolution and are visibly pixelated. EDIT: it appears that many preview images are pixelated. Split about 50:50. Screenshot attached to show the difference between adjacent items.

  5. At least on my iPad Pro (2017/18? 10.5”) the scrolling behavior in menus is way too fast. Sometimes I barely touch the screen and the menus go flyyyyying. Perhaps there’s a value that could be toned down a bit.

Just fooling around with iPad Dorico, and twice hit this graphical glitch with the staffs appearing misaligned in gallery view. It goes away if you restart the app. Not sure what triggers it.

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