iPad issues

I haven’t run into this issue yet, however I see you also see what I see when it comes to the menu button in the far upper right corner: it goes off screen.

I’m running a 2017 10.5" iPad Pro. I can still activate the menu button, but yes, the icon is cut off.

Some of the menus are also very slow to open and close on my admittedly older device. But the rest of the interface is adequately responsive.

It’s completely cut off on 8th gen iPad. I can’t access the menu at all. Fortunately I think there are shortcuts for everything there.

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Loading an iPad project on desktop (Windows) gives a warning about loading a Dorico app from a later version, all features may not be available.

I just tried to bring an existing Dorico project from Windows Dorico Pro 3.5.12 into my iPad version in read mode. Not only does the program refuse to load the project, but it gives an "Error: Invalid parameter message and freezes the program. When I close and attempt to restart the iPad app, it comes up with the error message intact and remains frozen. I have to shut down the iPad completely to regain control.

EDIT: I finally got the file into my iPad in a viable format through iCloud. Is there any way to shrink the size to see the entire page vertically?

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Loving the app so much. It’s extremely useful for me! Thanks to the whole team for this surprise.

I’m having an issue: Every single time I open a specific project, when changing the view from Transposed to Concert Pitch, the app crashes and forgets anything I’ve done so far, even importing the file itself.

Another thing… Is there a way to add a pedal marking (harp diagram for example) without an external keyboard? Can’t seem to find one.

I opened up a score today to find that the opening idea was altered and there was no undo, and worse I couldn’t quite remember exactly how it went! Oh the tragedy, the genius of this piece is lost … well anyhow, it must have been my fault, I must have inadvertently brushed the screen and screwed it up.

But that brings up the point that it’s much easier to lose work, since it’s always automatically saved and you can’t (AFAIK) revert or discard.

So exporting PDF’s or something periodically would be good. Or if the team could be so kind as to support incremental backup versions that would be perfect.

Problem with Airdop

I airdropped my dorico files (all quartets) onto my iPad, but encountered a problem when some of the files though could be opened and playback, they were nowhere to be found inside the iPad app.

I haven’t experienced it in a crash context, but I did have one project not save my work when I backed out to the home scree. Scared me a little.

I pressed the Subscribe button on the iPad screen, chose my subscription type. Nothing happened. How do I know if I actually subscribed. No confirmation or account info in App store or iTunes, just promos for more stuff. No change in the available templates.

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Then it didn’t take. I got a little confirmation screen and then received an email (receipt) from Apple.

Articulation popover, I think it’s trying to show an autocomplete (legato)?

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I saved a PDF, sent it to my mac then printed it, the quality isn’t as good as from the desktop version directly. Subtle and could entirely be due to something else as I’m using a different path to print, but the flags are a bit jagged (looks like no antialiasing?)

If your files aren’t able to be edited from the iPad, they aren’t saved. Have you signed in with your Steinberg ID and/or subscribed in the app? If neither of those is the case, you won’t be able to edit four-player files, so they’re not saved. (For the record, I think they should be saved, but the fact is they aren’t in the current version of the app.)

I’m not sure what is preventing my ability to subscribe. I suspect there is some setting on the iPad that blocks it, but I have been scouring m y preferences both for ht eapp and for privacy and security to no avail.

Having created a new jazz quartet score (though I imagine this bug will occur on any score), I selected the drum kit and switched to the drum pad view, and edited the pad layout by adding some spaces and rearranging my kick, HH, etc… Then I went into note input mode and tapped in one of the empty spaces and B4 was added to the trumpet. The other two empty spaces I created when tapped add B4 in the piano and bass respectively.

I’m guessing that shouldn’t happen.

Hi, I am unable to change instruments as it goes back to the piano roll view. Is this a bug?

If you want to add a harp pedal diagram, you can go to the Playing Techniques popover (in the top right corner, switch the paint palette to the keyboard, and select the button with the bowings) and enter a string of -, v, and ^ characters, separated by a | character (such as --^|^-v-).

Note however that when using the on-screen keyboard, Smart Punctuation turns the double - into a —, which Dorico doesn’t recognize. You’ll need to either disable Smart Punctuation in the iPad preferences, or enter the -'s differently (such as by initially separating them with spaces and then deleting the spaces).

I finally succeeded in subscribing after activating updating the iOS to the latest release this morning. (Also activated Apple Pay, which I did not really want to do and which did not seem necessary to buy stuff on my iPhone.)

Still, thank you for your help. Even if I do not use the iPad version that much, I am happy to help support its development on the chance I may find it useful down the road.

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