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If you’re really unsure about a subscription on iOS, you can subscribe and immediately cancel. The way the App Store handles subscriptions is that once you pay, you get the whole time automatically. So you can pay for a month and cancel immediately, and you’ll get the whole month. If you forget about the app or it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to remember to cancel. If you do like it, it will prompt you to resubscribe on its own. And since a lapsed subscription doesn’t remove the app from your device, you won’t lose any data either.

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Thank you very much! This solved my question.

Hi Fred,

I have the PageFlip Firefly. I just tried to use it with iPad Dorico (iDorico?). Page Up/Down moves the same page up and down but that is no help. Left/Right is unpredictable. Sometimes it plays the notes in succession. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to do anything. I haven’t had much success with it yet. Before trying it in Dorico I made sure that it works by reading a PDF in Acrobat reader. That worked fine. Post if you find a solution. I will do likewise.


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Same here!

I don’t actually have one yet, but was looking into buying one if it works. If there is a keycommand for the page turns then I would think that it shouldn’t be too difficult to program the commands. I didn’t initially see one though, but perhaps I was looking in the wrong sub-menus.

I have a PageFlip DragonFly which works the same way and I’ve found it to be rock solid. Are you zoomed in or viewing the full page?

Make sure you’re in Read mode. Because all the foot pedals do is send various key commands, those key commands will still be received by Dorico even if you’re not in Read mode, and they will do things like move the score view up or down, or hop the selection from note to note. So tap with four fingers on the screen to enter Read mode, and then try out the pedal.

Thanks to Daniel’s reply, I realized that there is a Read Mode in iPad Dorico (still much to learn). PageFlip works as expected in Read Mode. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Scoring Notes, btw.


Thank you, Daniel. That is what I needed to know. PageFlip works as expected in Read Mode.


If I subscribe for a month to try out the full features and decide to cancel, can I still continue to use Dorico in the registered 4 player free mode.

Would I be able to re-subscribe at a later date (and unsubscribe again if needed?)

The floating note edit window (or whatever its official title is) doesn’t maintain the same distance from the right hand side of the screen when rotating from landscape to portrait mode. I spent a solid minute trying to figure out how to get it back before realising it was located a good 5cm to the right of my iPad. I don’t think my Apple Pencil works over there.

If it could maintain its distance from the closest edge rather than just from the left hand side that would be preferable.

yes you can

I’ve noticed mine wandering a bit too.

Congrats to the team. I’m excited about this release. Two issues so far (still on the free-with-id version):

  1. I had about 7 flows and was Copy/Pasting a staff text item from one flow to another, and it crashed.
  2. Using a finger to drag the canvas, I found I was accidentally dragging a text item all too easily

How do I get a Subtitle to appear under the title on the first page of the score above the first stave.

I have gone into the Project Info dialogue and successfully added the composer and copyright information (at both project and flow level) which show in the score, but the Subtitle does not show.

I suspect that (for the moment) you will have to create an additional Master Page template in Dorico Pro’s desktop version and import a (simple) template file onto the iPad for future development.

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Thanks Derrek, for the clarification.

Unfortunately I do not have Dorico for Desktop as it is currently beyond my budget. I realise that the iPad version won’t be an exact mirror but it gives me a manageable way of accessing Dorico. I guess I will wait for developments in the iPad version.

Here. Try this.
I have set the Playback Template to Silence to minimize file size.
Unfortunately, AFAIK, iPad Dorico does not yet allow one to use multiple Master Page Sets.
subtitleTemplate.dorico (364.2 KB)

That’s very kind of you - thanks.
By the looks of your template compared to my score it seems as if my page settings are hiding the subtitle.
Your template gives me a good foundation to work from.:+1:


The standard Master Pages do not include a field containing the subtitle token. Folks who want it must alter the default Master Pages for score and part to include it or create an additional custom Master Page set to include it. That requires a more fully functional Engrave Mode that only Dorico Pro has.