iPad jump bar shortcuts

I’m able to add jump bar shortcuts to commands on the iPad version of Dorico. When I pull up the Key Commands page in Preferences, I can see they have been remembered, though there’s no access to creating or editing them there.

However, those same, remembered shortcuts do not activate the intended command in the jump bar, nor do they seem to be recognized. Am I missing something here?

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Can you say a bit more about what you’re doing in the jump bar to trigger those commands for which you have defined aliases? You should find that, provided you have an external keyboard attached, you can hit J to open the jump bar, then type your saved alias in just the same way on the iPad as you do on your desktop computer.

Thanks, Daniel. I figured it out. The culprit is the OS’ default Automatic Capitalization. “Add Retake=re” doesn’t trigger if the default input is “Re.” I’ll need to capitalize my aliases.