iPad Live Set Up

Hey, any cubasis users got some advice? I’m looking to simplify my live set up after a laptop I use was stolen. I was using 2 MacBooks, 1 playing back 4 simultaneous stereo audio stems on ableton routing them to a Mayer USB sound card and the other used to play reason soft synths and routed to a UFX soundcard. From what I’ve read it looks like I can import the audio stems in aaf format via iTunes sharing to 4 stereo tracks in cubasis and route them via USB to 4 inputs on the sound card, run them as background audio whilst playing a cubasis synth live, routed to a 5th input on the sound card via the USB. I guess I need a data cable from the iPad too. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, that should be easily doable.
You’ll need a compatible audio interface though.
I use the Presonus 1818VSL, which would do what you want, it has 8 audio outputs which could be used as 4 stereo outputs.
You’ll also need some sort of USB hub between the iPad and the audio interface, to overcome a USB power limitation that all iPads have, which is bypassed when using a USB hub.

To get the stems into Cubasis you can use dropbox, iTunes or a file manager app on your PC/MAC like iFunbox which gives you access to the file system on your iOS device.

Thx bro! Much appreciated. Makes complete sense. I realised I need a 5th out for the synth in addition to the 4 audio stem outs and the Presonus looks like a good investment. Thx for the recommendation. This will really streamline the set up for gigs! I’ll have to try going wireless and join the audience.