Ipad midi keyboard


I tried the Pianist Pro app for iPad.
It can be used as a wireless midi keyboard which I connected to my new MacBook Pro via WLAN.
Everything works great when it comes to playing VST instruments in Cubase 5.5.2. Playable and ok latency.
There are just one big problem - When I try to record midi, the notes gets stuck in the beginning of the midi event and also gets negative lengths of about -63000.0.0. The notes all gets recorded but with strange length values (start and stop).

I tried to record in GarageBand just to see if my settings on the iPad app was wrong or the connection server program on the Mac but here it worked really well.

Have anybody tried this app and how can I make it run on Cubase too??

Does anybody have other suggestions of iPad apps that works well in Cubase as midi keyboard.

I have a Novation Remote SL 61 so I’m not stranded. I just wanted to be as mobile as could with this setup.

Best Regards
Mikael Andersson

What’s your MIDI time stamp set to in your preferences?

Isn´t that Windows only?

You may be right, not up on the Mac side of things… a victim of forum convergence? :wink: :blush:

No midi timestamp in a Mac. I’m new in the Mac world and thought of that at first to… :slight_smile:

This is driving me nuts since GarageBand records the midi good it without any problem.

Aloha Infi

What’s the velocity sensitivity like on it?
Could a player use it for jazz or classical work?


The velocity depends on where you play the keys. If you play in the “upper” part of the keys the velocity becomes lower than if you play further down (on the screen).

It might work for you, but I’m not a great keyboardist so I won’t make a promise. But it’s sure worth a try.
Hopefully someone can tell us how to get the recording to work in Cubase. Anyone??

The pianist pro was updated and it works through OSX Network Session Midi which solved the problem.
Now it works great. Very portable and not space consuming but of course not for everyday use in the studio. A must have app for ipad!