IPad Mini & UR824, can't connect

Hi everybody,

I have an IPad Mini first generation (no retina, model MF432GP/A) and I can’t connect my UR824, it doesn’t recognize it. I updated the firmware, tools,… on the UR824 and I have the latest versions of Cubasis and the IPad iOS (8.4.1) I connect the UR824 through the ¨Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" and then it says (in french, sorry, to be the most accurate): “Impossible d’utiliser le périphérique / Steinberg UR824: le périphérique connecté n’est pas pris en charge” dspMixFx doesn’t recognize it either.

Does the probleme comes from some software part? or this IPad mini is too old to connect audio interface?


Hi MaximeSalek,

Please double check that the UR824 is set to class compliant mode (required to use the interface with an iOS device):

  • Turn on the device while holding down [+48V] button of the channel 7/8, and keep pressing the [+48V] button until a SIG/PEAK lamp flashes.
  • The UR824 enters Class Compliant mode for Apple iPad connectivity
  • While in the Class Compliant mode, the power button flashes several times by pressing the power button

(To turn off the Class Compliant mode, turn on the power while holding down [+48V] button of the channel 7/8 again)

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.