Ipad mixer dorico

I saw some comments on the mixer before, but I think they weren’t for mixer in Ipad.

I was trying to use it in my new Ipad pro, but it is laborious, and reacts like the cpu is under powered. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Trying to control the sliders is difficult using just finger touch. Preciseness is certainly not easy.

Also, but unrelated - I was trying to play the video tips, from the Ipad link and muting and unmuting the speaker icon on the videos did nothing to produce sound,

I’m definitely having a hard time with the ipad mixer. It’s really hard to manipulate controls once they are off their default settings. I need a reset button,

The panning control is the worst. Sliders are at least functional if careful.

If you’re talking about the #TipsTuesday video tips that we post each week on our social media channels and on the Dorico blog, those videos don’t have sound, so don’t worry: you’re not missing anything there.

If you make the Mixer taller by expanding the height of the lower zone, that gives the faders more travel and should allow you to move them more precisely. You can also reset the fader or the pan control back to default values by double-tapping their read-outs: the fader itself doesn’t respond, but the read-out of the level does.

The faders zero fairly easy. But it probably took me 10 minutes or more to get 8 pan controls back to c. I found no way to expand them.

I hope the control delays also gets fixed. Tap and wait. That’s really annoying.

Also if you try to slide the mixer anywhere than from the extreme left or right side, it tends to risk moving faders you don’t want moved. I don’t know if that has been pointed out somewhere.

That’s how I messed up most of the control settings in the first place.


One further thing that might be useful is to use the Channel section of the inspector in Play mode, which shows you the fader for just the instrument chosen in the track overview. That should help avoid changing the pan for another instrument unexpectedly.